About LC Ahl, Author

image LC Ahl (Lucy) has been writing creative stories for many years. It wasn’t until she obtained her BA degree in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University, did she become serious about publishing her writings.

Her first book, One in Eight, was inspired by workshops she conducted in high schools. After a misdiagnosis from her doctors in 2002, and then a late stage diagnosis of breast cancer in 2003, she discovered how little women knew about breast cancer. In fact, statistics prove most women know nothing about breast cancer until they are diagnosed. Knowledge is Power became her mantra. Her easy to read book was written for teens but any woman can benefit from the information. This book is being sold on Amazon and Kindle or contact her for a free, autographed copy.

Lucy started writing a blog in December, 2015, writing about many different subjects in a creative non-fiction and fictional style. Visit her site to sample her work :

In September, 2019, she started writing for Coffeehouse Writers, an online publishing company. She writes fiction, nonfiction, flash fiction short stories. In October, 2022, she was promoted to an editor position where she helps other authors hone their craft.

You can read her stories by visiting her author page:  Coffeehouse Writers published an Anthology in December, 2020, where you can read four of her featured stories. Available on Amazon.

Lucy Ahl resides in Savannah, GA with her husband. Together they enjoy boating, biking, bocce ball, and traveling.