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Feb 2023 

Newly Published: FIFTEEN SHORT FICTIONAL STORIES: I have written over the years.

The Lady in White - a young woman looking for her lost lover wanders Route 28 in New Jersey. New World Order - Alien's invade the earth and a group of amateur astronomers fight to survive. Spirits - A haunted house in Savannah, Georgia. The Storm - A young girl and her dog experience odd happenings in their home during a storm. AND MORE....

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July 2023  "The Purple Lily"
By LC Ahl & CB Hartwell


Newly Edited Kindle & Audio Versions Available to Order!

A serial killer has unleashed his vengeance on the small coastal town of Coos Bay, Oregon. Can Detective Daniella Keezar and bestselling true crime author Charlotte Romano, put all the pieces together before he comes after them? A page turning thriller you won’t want to put down.

Released - December, 2020 

Coffeehouse Writer’s Anthology by LC Ahl

  • The Nightmare – Fiction – Ever have one of those dreams so vivid it seems real?
  • Never Say Goodbye – Fiction – Grief can paralyze your life, but true love lasts forever.
  • Operation Lady Justice – Nonfiction – Native Americans and Sex Trafficking
  • Skeletons in the Closet – Nonfiction – True Crime story

Available on Amazon in both paperback or kindle 

Published Books by LC Ahl

2012  "One in Eight – A Teen’s Guide to Understanding Breast Cancer"

Nonfiction – Being sold on Amazon & Kindle – If you contact author, she will send you a free autographed copy. Email:

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